A study of the effect of extracts of <i>Codiaeum variegatum </i> (L.) A. Juss on Picrotoxin-induced convulsions in mice

  • M J Moshi
  • G A Kagashe


Codiaeum variegatum (L.) A. Juss (Euphorbiaceae) leaves are used in Kagera and Coast regions for treatment of epilepsy. To confirm this claim aqueous and methanol extracts were tested for ability to inhibit picrotoxin-induced convulsions in adult Theiller's white albino mice. The methanol extract showed a significant protection of the mice against picrotoxin-induced convulsions (P<0.05), using both the i.p and oral routes. The aqueous extract also showed significant protection when administered by the intraperitoneal but not the oral route. Inactivation of active compound/s in the aqueous extract by metabolism or other mechanism is speculated. Further studies to isolate active compounds following bioassay guided fractionation and the use of other complimentary models of convulsions is suggested.

KeywordsCodiaeum variegatum, Methanol, aqueous extracts, anticonvulsant activity, picrotoxin, mice

> Tanzania Medical Journal Vol. 19 (1) 2004
Original Research