HIV-Associated oral lesions: A review of their prognostis significance and the impact of haart on their prevalence and manifestation


  • M I Matee



The oral manifestations of HIV infection have been considered to be a value in assessing disease progression in the developed world. However, the potential use of oral lesions as prognostic markers in resource-poor countries has yet to be fully investigated. There is reasonably compelling evidence in the developed world for an association between oral lesions and viral load. However, the true nature of this association is less clear and there are few data available from the developing world. With the introduction of HAART, a change in prevalence of the oral manifestations of HIV infection has been observed, including regression of oral candidiasis, Kaposi's sarcoma and oral hairy leukoplakia. However, oral condylomata and herpes simplex virus infection appear to persist with HAART therapy. Further research in developing countries is required to document disease progression and the associated oral lesions in both adults and children..

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Tanzania Medical Journal Vol. 19 (1) 2004



Original Research